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At Plastics Plus, our mission is to provide digital printing to our customers through excellent customer service and relentless technological advancement. We have built our company on the cutting edge of the industry, providing the best digital printing solutions available on the market to our customers.

A New Level of

Thanks to HP Smart Stream MosaicTM technology that integrates with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator, promotional packaging can be more targeted, more strategic, and faster to market. Whether you personalize, serialize, or randomize, your message and graphic components can be applied to make each piece absolutely unique. The customization possibilities are infinite.

A New Level of Control

Our digital capabilities help you achieve critical business objectives, as well as support your marketing success. You have the flexibility to completely control your inventory from launch to phase-out.

• Determine frequency based on your packing line schedule
• Base volume on consumer demand at the SKU level
• Shorten lead time
• Control versioning and revisions
• Drive down inventory obsolescence costs

HP Indigo
20000 Digital Press

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Plastics Plus is committed to continued excellence in product creation and development. We are constantly looking to develop our capabilities with the latest technological advances and state-of-the-art equipment. With regards to digital printing, Plastics Plus utilizes the first and only HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press in the Northeast, providing our customers with the best printing solutions available on the market today. 

Super Simplex SL Laminator

Along with digital printing, Plastics Plus also offers a variety of finishing equipment capabilities. Some of these include laminating, slitting, as well as pouch making services. We are always looking for technology that allows us to design and produce better products for our customers. Our Super Simplex SL Laminator allows us to do just that. 

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Technology is what drives the flexible packaging industry, and Plastics Plus is at the forefront of technological advance within the field. We provide outstanding and attentive customer service, so we can use our advances to help you produce a targeted product that is perfect for your company. For more information, give us a call at 862-701-6987 or reach out to our team online.