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Plastics Plus Delivers World Class Quality - Marketplaces

Plastics Plus delivers exceptional packaging solutions in a wide array of markets, including:

• Snack Foods
• Fresh Produce
• Fruits & Nuts
• Baked Goods

• Coffee
• Candy
• Frozen Foods
• Meats/Poultry

• Pet Food & Care
• Lawn & Garden
• Pharmaceutical
• Health & Beauty

Exceptional Quality for Businesses in Every Market

Businesses of all sizes — from startups to multinationals, operating in markets worldwide — can benefit from the dedication to excellence at Plastics Plus. We have built our company on the leading edge of the industry, and we continue to strive ahead. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that deliver exceptional quality and value for our customers. Reach out to the team at Plastics Plus and discover everything we can offer your business.

• Exceptional art department with cutting-edge digital capability
• Complete suite of in-house services
• Endless combinations of product options
• Certified food-safe packaging
• Hyper-targeted designs
• Rapid turnaround time
• Targeting for micro-market segments
• Customer data leveraging to deliver individualized messages
• One-to-one personalization with text, graphics, barcodes and security elements
• Experienced and accessible staff delivering unrivaled customer service

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