Endless Options

Plastics Plus Delivers Endless Product Potential

After years of operating our business on the cutting edge of the industry, we have developed the capability to deliver unrivaled product potential to meet the varied needs of our customers. In every interaction, we aim to offer our customers actionable information, one-stop-shop simplicity, and a business relationship characterized by trust and excellence.

If you are seeking the perfect packaging solution, reach out to our team and discover what’s possible.

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Full Spectrum Product Potential

At Plastics Plus, we have developed a full spectrum of product packaging capabilities, offering our customers endless options for their products. Choose from rollstock, pouches and labels, with exceptional digital print quality. Our team is capable of sizing and slitting all flexible films and paper down to 16 cuts across a 30” web, offering maximal options for customer design flexibility. We offer a complete line of pouch making solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our Super Simplex SL Laminator allows us to treat a wide variety of substrates. Our laminating department is capable of solventless lamination, as well as high barrier lamination for demanding applications, including food safe packaging. Our food safe product packaging is fully certified by SQF, meets stringent quality and safety requirements, and features excellent structural barriers to increase shelf life and reduce oxidation.

Top Benefits of Printing On-Demand

Here’s a look at some of the benefits that brands can experience when they work with flexible packaging companies such as Plastics Plus that have adopted the print on demand model with digital equipment:

Fast, cost-effective setup compared to other printing technologies such as offset and flexo.

No plates are used and the prepress and press setup time is literally minutes for each task. Once an order is received, a PDF is created by prepress, and it can be immediately printed.

Less waste, as brand owners are able to more accurately order package runs. This can significantly help reduce the cost of inventory and obsolescence for the brand owner.

Thanks to digital printing’s short run capability, test market packaging can be more easily created, and design changes can be made quickly without having to remake printing plates.

It’s sustainable: Brands that print digitally are investing in a sustainable printing technology, largely for the fact that it better enables printing of only the packaging that is needed. And because digital printing is an on-demand technology, it’s easy to order more if it’s necessary.

It’s fast: Last but not least, the on-demand nature and elimination of platemaking enables a faster time to market on digitally printed packaging. Instead of waiting weeks or months for packaging, digital printing runs can be completed in a matter of days.

The Digital Print Platform

Offering competitively priced short to medium run length orders with only 10-14 day turnaround, Plastics Plus is the first supplier in the Northeast with technology built on the latest wide-web digital printing technology – the HP Indigo 20000. With our manufacturing platform optimized to provide industry leading customer service, Plastics Plus offers true high-definition custom printing with variable imaging. We enable our customers to print on demand and avoid inventory and obsolescence costs.

According to data from PMMI, digital printing press installations are currently growing at a pace of about 12 percent per year. Noting this, it may only be a matter of time before there’s a new technology synonymous with the term “on demand.”

Contact Our Team to Collaborate and Create the Perfect Product Solution

Wherever you are in the process, our team is available to create the perfect product solution. We have a full spectrum of printing, laminating, slitting, and pouch making capabilities, with endless options and combinations available to our customers. Reach out to our team for targeted design options to meet your needs.