Digital Printing

State of the Art Digital Printing from Plastics Plus

At Plastics Plus, we have built our business on the cutting edge of the industry, acquiring advanced technology and hiring exceptional technicians at every opportunity. Our printing department is always advancing, and our customers benefit from our expertise. Whether it’s unrivaled digital print quality, near-immediate product turnaround time, or cost-saving efficiency that we pass on to you, we create value for our customers every day.

We are proud to offer our customers continuing technological excellence, and our acquisition of the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press exemplifies our commitment. Our customers benefit from our persistent pursuit of technological advancement. Enjoy extremely fast turnaround on small batch orders with no minimum order, an ideal printing solution for startups and small businesses.

gravure print quality:

Digital print delivers the high print quality required by brand owners who set gravure as their color quality benchmark for flexible packaging. The 7 on-press ink stations enable converters to meet even the most stringent corporate branding requirements, using HP Indie-Chrome Pantone-certified on-press 4-, 6-, 7-color emulations, opaque white ink, and off-press mixed spot inks to match over 97% of PANTONE colors.

Wide media

The digital press can handle substrates from 0.4 to 10 pt., printing on film, paper, and aluminum. The priming unwinder, with its environmentally friendly, water-based primer, enables printing upon off-the-shelf materials. Digital technology provides perfect color registration including on heat-sensitive materials. 

Advanced Features of Plastics Plus Digital Printing:

• Setup time and waste are substantially reduced.
• PDF’s are used as the image source.
• Short Runs and medium run length multi-SKU jobs are produced cost effectively.
• Our 30″ wide web accommodates most flexible packaging sizes.
• Only digital printing can produce packaging with variable content (Variable Data Printing).
• Images are photo-quality and meet or exceed that of flexo- and roto-gravure.
• We can meet strict brand color needs using 7 ink stations and a color gamut that reaches up to 97% of PANTONE colors.

Seamless Product Services

When you choose Plastics Plus, you choose a nimble and responsive product pathway with no obstacles between your product and the marketplace. Between our cutting edge technical resources and our in-house art department, Plastics Plus offers our customers unrivaled supply-line agility, with complete control every step of the way.

The design team in our art department works seamlessly with the press operators in our production department, making the absolute most of our world class technical resources. Our unified processes allow variable data printing, including text, graphics, barcodes, and security elements. With variable data printing, you can correlate detailed customer data with unique printed text and images on every item, so you can leverage your data to deliver individualized messages and product offers to your customers.

Contact the Team at Plastics Plus

If you are planning your path to success, contact the helpful team at Plastics Plus. We are glad to speak to every prospective client wherever they are in the process, because we believe in beginnings.  Contact Ryan Kurpat in our production department today and let us get started!